The “Investing” page is dedicated to being one of the Keys to Success. Here you will learn the various investments I have done over the years of my life that I believed helped me become successful. This page will go over many investments options such as Life Insurance, Stocks, Index Funds, and Annuities. This page will also discuss how to keep your money moving, so that you are not just saving, but also growing your portfolio if investments.   


Life Insurance

You might think “hey he is biased, because he is an insurance agent.” Anyone can think in however context they want. However, the simple truth is I had a life insurance policy years before I even became an agent. My biggest mistake was I got a Universal Life, which is good, but a Indexed Universal Life (IUL) plan. The reason why is that my current plan is growing around 2% interest, plus fees. Whereas the IUL would be growing much more interest.

I could go one and on about the different types of Life Insurance Policies and I will probably have more information on the different types in my blog. I want the emphasis of this section on just recommending everyone get a life insurance of some sort. I cannot stress the important of having one enough! You really have to think in this context: what in the world would you do if something happened to you? Really think about it. What if you got in a major accident, what if you got killed in this accident, or what if you got cancer, a tumor, etc.? Would you be able to continue paying payments on your mortgage or have burial money for those who have to bury you? That is where a life insurance policy comes in. If anything were to happen to you, these least a policy could do is pay for your burial expenses.


I am not an expert in stocks. I am not advising anyone either. Simply put, you should avoid stocks, unless you know what you are doing. I like to think of stocks as something for those who have extra money to blow. Some people like to spend their money on alocohol, going out to eat, splurging on god knows what. I on the other hand, when I have extra money I like to buy stocks. It used to be hard to find out which company to buy your stock from since every company is different and charges differently.

Not everyone is going to be happy paying fees here and there for something they might not even know what they are paying for. Stocks are already confusing as it is! If you are not wanting to making a killing right away, you might want to invest in some safe companies that might grow your money over time. I for one like stock that either 1) has a high yield dividend or 2) has a habit of going up and down in value. For example, Marvell goes up and down at times. Most recently, it was at $20.64 a few days ago. Today it is hovering around $18.85. Now would be the best time to buy since it has gone down a couple of bucks. They have recently been progessing over time and it is worth the buy, knowing they have been growing.

The most important question you might be thinking is who do I use to buy this stock? I contemplate a lot about my money. I don’t like to have it wasted. So, the company I chose was Robinhood. They do not charge me for ordering stocks, have some buying features that allow you to buy twice the amount of shares, and the best part is when you sign up, they give you a free stock! I missed out on the free stock oppurtunity, but you shouldn’t! Visit them today:

Index Funds

I have not been a big fan of index funds and do not own any. However, it does not mean you shouldn’t own any. Depending on which one you get, it can make you a ton of cash! However, I am not advising anyone to dive into this. This is something you want to get into if you have extra cash lying around. Spend your beer money on this and possibly double that beer money! Do not use your life savings on something like this. You have a ton of options to earn money with your money and this is not one of them.


Annuities are like a safe bet. You want your money to grow a little over the years? Perhaps you do not have a retirement plan and do not expect much from social security. Either way, an annuity can get you the extra money during retirement you may have not had otherwise. Through the Life Insurance company I work with, we offer annutiies. If you are ever interested in one, pleae comment here and i’ll get back to you!

Keep Your Money Moving

Real Estate

Real Estate is one of those gigs that you can make a lot of money or lose a lot of money! You are better off if you can become a realtor! Selling other peoples home is much better than hoping to sell your own. Unless of course you are a millionaire, than in that case buy a whole 12 pack at Costco (no Costco does not sell 12 packs of houses)!

If you are not a realtor or for whatever reason you just can’t get licensed, you can always buy a house, rent it or resell it for a profit. If you rent it, there are many options. You can either rent it yourself or turn it into a hotel! If you want a hotel type of system, you can always use Airbnb. Airbnb allows someone to rent an entire home or even a bed to someone for a fee. Check them out here:

I wnt everyone to know that this is not for everyone and you have to balance out the bad with the good. I have been using an app called “Turo” for a few years now. While I have made some pretty good extra cash, it is not the most lucrative side hustle I have had. What is nice is that it has helped for me to pay my monthly car payments for each car I have.


Business Oppurtunities