The “Jobs” page is dedicated to being one of the Keys to Success. Here you will learn the various Jobs I held over the years of my life that made me a pretty penny. From Quick, Low Income Delivery Driver to Harder, but Successful jobs like Life & Health Insurance Agent; this page will go into detail of all the great earning potentials.

Quick, but Low Income Jobs

There are many quick, but low income jobs you can get your self into. I define quick as a job that does not take long to get into. Usually these jobs take no more than a month to get started, if not allow you to start immediately!


I had been doing some research for a school research paper when I came across a company called Lyft. Being tired of my research always on Microsoft or Google I decided to go for broke and researched Lyft. Come to find out, they were hiring drivers in my area and had not started! Shortly after I signed up, which was around October of 2013, my upline asked me if I wanted to become a mentor and start recruiting drivers. At $35 a recruit for less than an hour of work how could I say no!

Being a mentor and a driver at launch had its perks! I was earning $35 a person to compete with in the market! As you can see in the photo below I was making over $2,000 for one week worth of work. Less than a year later, Lyft started paying less as a mentor and as a driver. Soon that $2,000/week turned into pretty much not even worth driving and they pulled away the mentoring program.


Want to drive for Lyft? Visit their website here:

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Grubhub First…Than the others came…

Lyft was good while it lasted, but my journey did not end there. Lyft to me felt like it was the start of a journey. I had a taste of what financial success felt like. I could hardly wait to explore what else was out there. I had been at a local restaurant when I saw a flyer saying they delivered through a third party. I was curious to know more about this. So I did some research. I learned it was a local business delivering food. It was not hiring, so I gave up. Than one day I had quit my job as a delivery driver for Dominos and searched for delivery drivers.

Well, what do you know, the local third party company delivering local restaraunts was bought out by Grubhub! I immediately applied for the job and found the job pretty rewarding! At first, it was slow, but the pay was pretty decent. Not as high paying as Lyft, but it supplemented my income greatly! I learned you can easily make $25+/Hour during some hours. So, naturally I would work when it was busy! Soon after Doordash, PostMates, Eatstreet, Shipt, and everyone else came! Food delivery has been pretty lucrative in the Albuquerque market. If you play your cards right, you can make a mean amount of income every week!

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Harder, but just as Rewarding Jobs

We talked a great deal of the quick, Low Income jobs. Now, we will discuss the jobs that take a but longer to get, but the pay is decent. Do not assume that these jobs should be taken for granted, just because I call them low income. To many, these previous jobs seen to be high income jobs, but they are not in my opinion. Later on we will get to a section where you will begin to differentiate between these low income and high income jobs.

Substitute Teaching

My beautiful wife of 5 years (as of this writing) and I met at a local High School called Rio Grande High School, right here in Albuquerque, NM. I was a substitue teacher and she was an education assistant. I started Albuquerque Public School as a Subsitute around 2010. I mention this job, because at the time I never thought I would be making more than $10/hr just for having a Bachelors degree! This is also why substitute teaching is part of the harder jobs to get, because it does require a bachelors. However, many years later I learned for Charter schools you can make more without even needing a degree!

Susbitute teaching can be very lucarative if you work for more than one district! Those who live near many disctricts will learn this very well. My goal was to make more than $150/Day subbing and at times I would make $200/Day! However, subbing is not for everyone. It becomes very emotional and very political! If you are willing to overcome those two things, it can be more lucrative than being an actual teacher.


After getting tired of driving for so many years for different companies, it felt like it was time to find a higher income and flexible job I could get into. I decided to get back into computer repair. To not throw you off as a reader, during my time as a Subtitute Teacher I had placed some ads on Quick Quarter to do computer repair. It was great and I made a pretty penny. Anyhow, this second time around doing computer repair I wanted to start my own repair shop.

It did not go good…

It was this year (2018) that I had paid Quick Quarter, did some Facebook ads, and some Google Ads. I did not even get not one job! How dissapointing is that? So I tried looking at competition and that is when I came across HelloTech. HelloTech is like the “Lyft” of computer repair, so naturally I applied for the job, got interviewed and passed my tests. It did not take me long to get the job, but the testing and interviewing qualified to be a Harder, but rewarding job. Indeed it was rewarding!

In addition to doing computer repair I was now able to install security cameras, TV Stands, and a whole lot of other neat things. The pay is pretty good too. I was and continue to get paid nothing less than $50 for each assignment. Mind you, each assignment varies, but if you are good at what you do, it should not take no more than an hour to complete. Most jobs pay over $100 and the work is pretty easy for me.

Life & Health Insurance Agent

This has got to be the most rewarding job anyone could have! Not only financially, but also emotionally and spiritually! This job is the hardest of the jobs mentioned, because it requires getting licensed, trainings, and leadership skills to succeed.

It was October of 2017 when I got an invitation to apply for a job from a company called Symmetry Financial Group. It was in regards to mortgage protection. I was interested in this company, because it looked like something I would want to be part of. I was already needing to get my Life Insurance license, because a guy I met on Turo (See Investments Page) had offered me a job selling Health Insurance. So, now I have gone from trying to sell Health Insurance products to also selling Life Insurance.

Getting back to Symmetry…I took a course my upline recommended and failed the test badly! I had given up. It was right before thanksgiving that I said I would not try again. Of course my supportive wife said “I’ll support you on what you do. If you want to give up, that is fine. If you want to try again later, than try again later” Being so upset I told her I did not want to try again and move on the next part of my life. This was around the same time I started going to church.

My upline had mentioned in our interview that I have an oppurtunity to not only sell Life Insurance, but also grow my own agency team! Being business and tech saavy I wanted to get into that! This was before I failed the test that she had mentioned this. However, it was not until I tried a second time to take the test and pass it that I really thought about growing my own agency!

The first time I took the test, it was just for my Life Insurance, than the second time it was for both Life & Health. It passed it! I was so excited I could not stop shaking and wanted to share this with my whole family! That was the beginning of what God had in store for me.

A short time after passing both exams I said to myself, why just settle for Health, when I could be doing Life Insurance too. So I called up my Upline I had not spoken to since November. I explained to them that I had passed my exam and was interested in the job. I filled out my paper work and again they mentioned about growing my agency and asked me if I knew anyone else who want to do this with me? The only person I could think of was possibly my wife. I mean I barely passed this intemedating test. Who else do I know would want to attempt this?

It was only a few days and I was officially a Life Insurance agent for Symmetry Financial Group! I was so excited to get started! I ordered my first batch of leads and started dialing like crazy! I managed to get a few appointment my first couple of days, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking about how could I grow my agency? I don’t know anyone! It turns out that I could use what my upline was using: Ziprecruiter. I would have to pay hundreds a month to get some leads. I said, that is not bad considering everywhere else it would cost thousands! Oh, it gets better…

I said to myself I can’t afford to take the risk of paying hundreds of dollars to get recruiting leads. I have a mother who is sick and a sister with an intellectual disability who depend on me. Money has always been tight, even though I work a lot! One day I was talking to my wife and she said “pray on it” so I said to myself, “God, please help and guide me.” Sure enough he did! I began creating pages on Facebook, started creating posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and anywhere else I could think of. It started to rain with applicants.

My wife has always told me the more you give to god, the more he will give you. She also says that God will always give more than what you can give. I truly believe that to be true. I believe God gave me a sign through my lawyer who is one of my spirtual guides who is always lecturing me on the word of god. At one point I could not understand why this man (my lawyer) was in my life. He would speak to me more about god, than business. I said to my self “this is different.” I soon learned that God will speak to you through anyone. He choose first my wife, lawyer, and now my pastor to speak to me. Some people might say that success is what you make of it. In my mind, success is having faith and believing in god!