This page is dedicated to a collection of fascinating and special promotions I have come across over the years. You’ll see a ton of great things like unlimited movie watching for $9.99/month to how you can get cash back ordering everyday things online.

Entertainment & Fun Stuff

There is a ton of great entertaining and fun stuff out there that can be found on the cheap. I am going to go over as many things I have discovered over the years. If you happen to know something I did not go over in this section, please let me know!

Moviepass & Sinemia

My wife and I started our relationship watching a movie! I remember being nervous about asking her on a date, but what better date than a night at the movies? I can’t tell you how much I probably spent on going out to the movies. I found out about Moviepass a few years and got hooked!

A little bit about Moviepass: It is a program that used to allow you to watch unlimited movies (1 movie a day per moviepass) for around $40/Month. When I say used, it means that it is no longer unlimited. It has changed to 3 movies per month for $9.95/Month (as of 9/10/2018). Even though many could argue that it is horrible what Moviepass has done, it is still a bargain at $9.95/Month. One movie a night in Albuquerque cost more than $10 for on ticket. The nice things about Moviepass is they send you a Card by mail that you can use to purchase your ticket. You have to also use their app on your phone to order the movie, before you can use that card. Moviepass also sometime allows you to order the movie on their app and use E-Ticket to check in.

A little bit about Sinemia: This program too has a $9.99 plan that entitled you to 3 standard movies per month, as of 9/10/2018. They too will send you a card at an additional cost or you can use their app to purchase tickets online. They also offer a 3d/4d monthly subscription too.

To signup for Moviepass visit

To Signup for Sinemia visit

Rewards & Cashback Programs

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded or get a little cash back from the every day things we do? I know I do! That is why I have come up with a few programs I have signed up for over the years and use to this very day!


I have been using Ebates for a couple of years now and the first time I received a check I was very happy to have a few extra bucks in my bank account! Ebates basically allows you to shop on most major online stores as you usually would. However, there is a Ebates icon for Chrome users you will familiarize youself, beause that is how you activate your cashback for shopping. For example, most of my purchasing is done at I go to, order dog food, wipies, medicince, etc. Before checkout, Ebates will ask me to activate my rewards. Once I do and it is active I continue the checkout process. I pay for my stuff and in about 3 months I get a check in the mail from all th shopping I have done with Walmart.

To signup for Ebates, visit